A registered office address for your company, or business is a basic requirement for any business that wants to trade legally in Northern Ireland or the UK.

Additionally, a UK company registered address is often required when doing business online in the UK or Northern Ireland.

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How To Choose A Company Registration Address.

A limited company is defined as an entity that offers protection in a legal manner for its main shareholders but restricts ownership. By-laws for the company are written and they define the restrictions that the members have to follow. This is done to limit “hostile takeovers” which is taking over a company without the approval or under clear resistance from the directors and the board.

Legally for a company to operate it must have an office address that is registered. This is because the company has an identity that is removed from the directors. It is a requirement of the law that a company has to have a registered address and it should be visible to anyone who asks for it. This is because the address is necessary for the company to have invoices or any correspondence delivered to it there.

Going about choosing a registration address can be simplified by following these tips. The first thing you have to keep in mind is that the company must have a proper postal address and this is not simply a P.O Box. The address has to be physical too. The next thing is to make this address a place that is easily accessible to you, in case anything is sent there. If a company is based at home, some people might not be comfortable having their home information available for everyone to see. That’s where the option of a renting an address comes in. Plenty of businesses offer registered office services. This is where a business allows you to put their address as your physical address then forward all your correspondence to you at the registered address you give them.

If you want to make your company look bigger you can post two different locations for trading and registered address. Also depending on your business, you could choose a classy area to have a registered address in, although you may have to pay more for this. It can be quite prestigious to have an office listing in a great area of the city and may get you the kind of clients that you are looking for.

The director’s address will also be required when applying for company registration. If the company gets sued then the legal documents are delivered to the director’s address. The personal addresses are however not listed for the public to see. This address has fewer limitations as compared to a registration address, it can be anywhere in the globe, it can a residential area and can be the same as the registered office address. As long as the office address and the residential address are in the country where the company is registered.
If you are still worried about your personal information being shown to the public, you can ask for it to be hidden. This is allowed if you feel you might get harassed based on the nature of the work your company is involved in. Choosing a company address is crucial for the company’s success, before making a decision, think it over and take your time.